Were Super Bowl Ads Too Sexy? 'The Stir' Writers Sound Off! (VIDEO)

Moms Matter 2012Everyone online is talking today about last night's Super Bowl ads -- and the writers here on The Stir are no exception!

Our posts on the Super Bowl ads have generated TONS of discussion among moms and dads, so we took up the issue in today's Moms Matter Google Hangout.

Check out our video discussion after the jump!


I knew moms would come down on both sides of the issue regarding whether Super Bowl advertisers should clean up their act for the sake of the millions of families watching the game -- but I've been surprised by how angry some moms out there have gotten about it.

Fortunately, no punches were thrown during our hangout!

We discussed everything from the sexiest Super Bowl ads to the best and worst Super Bowl ads to Beyonce's daring (and baring!) performance.

We discussed everything, in fact, except the actual game.

Oh well ...

What did you think about the Super Bowl ads and Beyonce's halftime show?

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