Super Bowl ‘Prom’ Ad Doesn’t Promote Sexual Assault ... So Just Relax, People! (VIDEO)

Some people are attacking one of my favorite ads from this year’s Super Bowl as “promoting sexual assault” because it depicts a teenager forcing himself onto the prom queen. Le sigh, people.

Audi’s ‘prom’ ad shows a seriously cute teenage boy getting ready to attend prom stag (no explanation as to why such a cutie had a problem getting a date, but whatever). His dad gives him the keys to his Audi, and presumably from the courage he gains by driving such a hot car, he parks right in the principal’s spot, walks into the dance, and plants one on the prom queen. The prom king does not look pleased, and the scene cuts to the boy driving away with a black eye and a giant grin. The tag line reads: Bravery. It’s what defines us.


Rather than enjoying the super sweet commercial, some joyless people took to Twitter to condemn it as sexual assault. Um ... ok. Not sure how you get that out of the commercial they played, but some people are really determined to stretch reality to fit their narratives.

Kissing a girl is not assault -- it’s called making a move. If you look at the girl’s reaction, it’s not exactly like she’s trying to push him away either. She even seems to enjoy it. Hey, maybe that’s why the kid doesn’t have a date to the prom! He’s never gotten up the gumption to tell her how he feels. Maybe, just maybe, based on her reaction, she feels the same way about him and would be glad to dump her ham-handed boyfriend for him.

Speaking of the prom king and the black eye he gave our hero, if the haters want to call it sexism, why don’t they talk about the fact that Audi chose to portray the girl as helpless to defend herself and in need of a man to do it for her? Again, because it’s clear that while caught off-guard, the girl liked the kiss. She kissed back. She smiled with a dazed look in her eyes after it was over.

Maybe the kid deserved a black eye for making a move on another guy’s girl -- but he certainly not one for sexual assault.

Do you think Audi is promoting sexual assault and teen violence in the ad?

Image via AudiofAmerica/YouTube

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