Sex Slavery Cult Victims Brainwashed by Leader Pretending to Be Jesus Christ

jesus sadAnything defined as a "sex slavery cult" must, by definition, be a pretty twisted organization (for lack of a better word), but the sex slavery cult recently broken up along the U.S. border by Mexican officials sounds especially twisted. The name alone is a pretty big tip-off: "Defensores de Cristo." Translation? Defenders of Christ. Yeah, exactly. The group allegedly recruited women and brainwashed them into having sex with a man who claimed to be the reincarnation of Christ.

And what police found when they raided a home in Nuevo Laredo (near the Texas border) proves something incredibly twisted was going on indeed -- women and children living in "deplorable conditions."


Women and children who were forced to pay "tithes" in the form of forced labor and prostitution. And the worst part is they could have been saved much sooner. The National Immigration Institute reportedly filed a formal complaint about Defenders of Christ a year ago.

As for the guy supposedly pretending to be Jesus, Venezuelan citizen Jose Arenas Losanger Segovia is rumored to be an advocate of "bio-programming," a technique which is said to teach people how to "reprogram their brain in such a way that pain, anxiety, and suffering are eliminated."

Which makes the whole thing even more tragic, because it means that the women who fell for this scam were suffering before they even met Segovia. They were so desperate to escape their pain, they were willing to believe almost anything. Now they're escaping something even worse.

Have you ever heard of bio-programming?


Image via Eli Braud/Flickr

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