6 Biggest Super Bowl Stories That Have Nothing to Do With the Game

Ray LewisWhether you care that there's a Super Bowl this Sunday or not, one thing's for sure: Every year, there are always some pretty fantastic storylines. Some are tragic, some are uplifting, some are really huge coincidences, and some end up in sports lore for all eternity. Pretty heavy stuff, eh?

Well, in case you really weren't paying attention to the NFL until now, and could really care less about the San Francisco 49ers and/or the Baltimore Ravens, we've put together a list of some of the biggest stories leading up to this Sunday. You never know? With a little sleuthing, the tales behind the players and coaches could perhaps pique your interest before Sunday night.

Or you could just sit there and eat some wings and chips and get drunk off beer and whiskey to the point of mental & physical oblivion. Wouldn't blame you for doing that, either.


1.) The Brothers: Yep, in case you haven't heard, the head coaches of each team in the Super Bowl this year are two brothers. There's a reason folks are calling the game this year the "Harbowl." John Harbaugh, who's the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, will be taking on his 15-months-younger brother Jim Harbaugh, who's the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Guess the question remains: Who the hell does mom root for?

2.) Brendon Ayanbadejo: This Baltimore Ravens linebacker is making headlines for all the right reasons. He's using the Super Bowl as a platform to be a gay marriage advocate. In the sports world, where homosexuality is still quite controversial, it's admirable for Brendon to stand out from the tough-guy crowd and realize there are more important things going on than a football game. He's probably gained this perspective due to his son struggling with a heart defect, who will go through major surgery this spring. Best of luck to little 22-month-old Amadeus Prime!

3.) Ray Lewis: This Baltimore Ravens linebacker is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Most of you probably already know that it's his last game. He is considered one of the best defensive players of all time and is the Ravens' team leader. And he's supposedly a hardcore Christian that motivates his team with Bible verses ... but he has six children with four different women, and he snaked his way out of a murder conviction in 2000. And now there are allegations that he's taken banned substances so that his torn triceps would heal at a "miraculous" rate. Hoo, boy.

4.) Colin Kaepernick: What can you say about this young guy? The quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers is only 25 years old. He's leading the 49ers to their first SB since the '94 season. Also, fun story, when he was in fourth grade, Kaepernick wrote himself a letter. He said he'd be 6 feet 4 inches (he's 6'5") and would "then go to the pros and play on the Niners or Packers even if they aren't good in seven years." If football doesn't work out, he could definitely become a psychic.

5.) Joe Flacco: The Baltimore Ravens quarterback uttered the "r-word" during Media Day. Yup, the dreaded "r-word." He has since said he's very sorry for calling the idea of holding a Super Bowl in a cold-weather place, like New York, a "retarded" idea. Maybe he should be thinking about the current Super Bowl, taking place in warm-weather New Orleans, instead. Seriously, there's no Super Bowl without some sort of PC gaffe, and we get to thank Flacco for this one!

6.) Randy Moss: Well, seems that this 49ers wide receiver needs no lessons in humility. During interviews on Tuesday, he said, "I don't really live on numbers. I really live on impact and what you're able to do out on the field ... I really think I'm the greatest receiver to ever play this game." Really dude? Eeeeeeever? Now you have to watch him on Sunday and see if he can back a statement like that up! My guess? No, no he can't.

Would you tune in to the Super Bowl to watch the two brothers duke it out? Or to see Ray Lewis' last game?


Image via Blueag9/Wikimedia Commons

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