Fashion Mogul Vittorio Missoni’s Plane Still Missing & New Clue Deepens the Mystery

curacao beachOne of the world's most popular fashion labels, Missoni, has a disturbing mystery on its hands. Italian fashion executive Vittorio Missoni and his wife have been missing since January 4. They were last seen boarding a small plane in Los Roques, a chain of islands off the coast of Venezuela (a country in Central America).

But there's been an exciting development in Missoni's disappearance. A bag that had been on that flight has been found on Curacao, a Caribbean island 124 miles away from Los Roques. What does that mean for the missing plane -- could the couple still be alive somewhere?


Missoni's family doesn't dare get too optimistic about the found bag. A spokeswoman for the family says they are aware it's been found, but "they are not drawing any conclusion. This is simply another piece of an already complex puzzle." The bag actually belonged to a tourist, Giorgio Neri, who left Los Roques on the flight right after Missoni's. There wasn't enough space in cargo for Neri's bag, so it was placed on Missoni's plane.

A German tourist had found Neri's bag in Curacao and emailed him about it. Neri then alerted the Missoni family. The bag was found empty ... but where? If it was washed up on the beach, that would suggest the plane had crashed into the sea (the most likely scenario), and it would also give investigators a better idea of where to look. It sounds like the bag was carried by ocean currents. It wasn't found at a cafe or some place like that, 007-style.

It wasn't just Vittorio Missoni and his wife on that plane, either. There were two family friends and two crew members on that flight, too. Their children of the missing tweeted a heartbreaking plea for help over the weekend (via photo).

It is now three weeks that we have no news about our parents Vittorio Missoni, Maurizia Castiglioni, Elda Scalvenzi, Guido Foresti and the two Venezuelan pilots Hernan Jose Machan and Juan Carlos Milano ... Each and everyday we keep on asking to ourselves if there might still be other useful information to aid the investigations. Whoever that day was on site, whether on land on ocean or flying, might have noticed something and thought it was of no interest but that could be relevant for us and for the investigations. Every single detail is essential.

Do you think the plane will be found, now that investigators know where at least one piece of cargo ended up?


Image via Lodewijk van den Broek/Flickr

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