8 Hottest Super Bowl Players More Fun to Watch Than the Commercials (PHOTOS)

brendon Ayanbadejo
Brendon Ayanbadejo
Hey, did you hear that the Super Bowl is going down this weekend? Fun times! You'll probably want to tune in for the commercials, the halftime performances, the exciting game ... and the good-looking players, perhaps? Why not, right? They'll all be running around hitting each other in tight pants, after all. Could be worse ways to spend your Sunday.

Especially if you have no real affinity toward the Baltimore Ravens and/or the San Francisco 49ers, maybe familiarizing yourself with the hottest players could get you more invested in the game (hey, I said maybe). 

Someone had to do it, but we went through all the rosters for each team playing in the Big Game this year and picked out the sexiest guys in the bunch. You know you want to see it.


From living football legends to abs that go for miles (just look at Brendon's) to toothy grins that are sure to light up your computer -- and eventually television -- screens to dads watching over their sick son (nothing sexier than that!), these eight guys are the ones to watch for. After fanning yourself off and wiping away your drool, hope you enjoy the Super Bowl this Sunday!

Who do you think is the best-looking player on each team in this year's Super Bowl? Hard question, I know.


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