Casey Anthony a Paralegal? That’s Just Crazy Talk! (VIDEO)

casey anthonyBecause we're sick of seeing Casey Anthony as a defendant. Because she's got a lot of experience with the law. Because she really needs a job. Because we can't get enough of seeing her in a courtroom. Ladies and gentleman, Casey Anthony may become a paralegal.

According to her attorney, Charles Greene, Casey Anthony is considering finding work as a paralegal. "I truly believe that she has a lot of the skills," he says. "She's better than many paralegals I know." He adds that Casey is very organized and her computer skills impress him. Plus, she "believes strongly in our justice system" and constitutional rights. And you know what? I could just spend the rest of this post giving you more jaw-dropping quotes from Greene. And maybe I will.


Riiiight, computer skills. I hear she's especially good with looking things up on Google. And I can see why she would believe strongly in the justice system that declared her not-guilty of murder. That totally makes sense. Also, this:

I think she may be the type that ends up trying to work within our system to make our system better rather than being a person who's trying to break it down.

Noooo, Casey would NEVER try to break down our system!

You don't go from the most hated woman in the world, according to some media outlets, to being a normal person or being able to live a normal life. I'm not saying she's not a normal person, but people do not perceive her as a normal person.

People don't think Casey is normal? Really? You don't say, Mr. Greene!

Okay, all 70 truckloads of my skepticism aside, I guess Greene does have a point. Casey does have a lot of legal experience. And she also happens to be about $800,000 in debt right now. Maybe what Mr. Greene is really trying to tell us is that he's planning to hire Casey as his paralegal and that's how she's going to start paying off her legal fees. I guess that makes sense.

And you know what? If he's comfortable working with her, that's his business. In fact, I think it would be a kind gesture. Otherwise, who else is going to hire her? Casey would have a hard time getting a job cleaning up bat guano in the dead of night for Count Dracula. Know what I mean?

She's been judged not-guilty, and now she has to move on with her life as a still very young women. Might as well make the best of all her experience. I hope Greene does hire her -- though he may want to keep quiet about that in case some of his clients mind.


Do you think it's a good idea for Casey Anthony to work as a paralegal?


Image via ABC News

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