Brazil Nightclub Fire Claims Hundreds of Lives & Pyrotechnics May Be To Blame

The Brazil nightclub fire that has killed more than 220 people -- young people -- celebrating their last days of their summer vacation is just absolutely heartbreaking. I can't tear myself away from the coverage because I am just waiting hoping that someone will come on and tell us that initial reports were wrong. Deep down inside I know that won't happen -- but I can't help but still hope for it.


This town in Southern Brazil is a college town. And so it is likely that most of the people in the club were college age -- which makes this disaster even more upsetting. Because these were kids, really, just kids. Many of whom were likely partying on their last big night out before school began and before their reality set back in. Kids with their entire lives ahead of them.

Apparently this club fits up to 2,000 people (and some reports even say up to 3,000 people) and it's been reported that it was at capacity when the fire broke out. So the chaos must have been extreme once people saw flames and then smoke starting to fill up the space. Reports are out saying that a lot of those at the club thought the bathroom was an exit and ended up fighting to get in -- thinking they were getting out. I can't imagine their horror when they realized they were trapped.

Of course no one will confirm what started the fire until investigations are complete but several witnesses inside the club said that it seemed to have started after a band member lit a flair or firework of some kind. And if that is true -- when will people learn? I can still see the images from the nightclub fire in Rhode Island from 2003 when pyrotechnics used by the band, Great White, started a fire that killed more than 90 people.

Here is a report on the Brazil nightclub fire from earlier on CNN:

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Image via SupaEpic99/YouTube

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