Casey Anthony Files for Bankruptcy & Adds Insult to Injury (VIDEO)

Casey Anthony just won't go away -- and now is coming out swinging against the people she owes money to. I'm guessing that since she was found not guilty in the murder of her little girl, Caylee, in 2011, she figures there is no reason she should have to pay for the court expenses incurred while defending herself. Why do I think that? Because yesterday she filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in a Florida court. It's a convenient way to get out of her debt. $792,000 in debt.


It's really outrageous. She gave the courts and the police investigating her daughter's death such a ridiculous runaround -- she shouldn't be let out of these debts. She should have to find a way to pay them.

Her debts listed include:

  • Attorney fees of $500,000 and costs for her criminal defense lawyer during the trial, Jose Baez.
  • $145,660 for the Orange County Sheriff's office for a judgment covering investigative fees and costs related to the case.
  • $68,540 she owes the IRS for taxes, interest and penalties.
  • Court costs of $61,505 to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.


Her attorney, Andy Chmelir, did tell a CNN affiliate that she is distraught she can't pay her bills. He said:

To some extent she feels, she feels bad that she's having to have all these legal services provided to her and she is unable to compensate anyone.

He also said she would like closure. Well, so would those people that want justice for little Caylee. And to add insult to injury, Anthony made these filings the same day two of her lying convictions were overturned.

Do you think her application for bankruptcy should be approved?

Image via Queuenews/YouTube

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