Woman Sends Raunchy Email Exchange With Fiance to Entire Office by Accident

officeIt's the stuff nightmares are made of. Melanie Anderson and her fiance Eric Knisz were engaged in a very dirty email exchange with one another while killing time at work when a sandwich van pulled up. Melanie, the receptionist at the Scottish oil company the two worked at, quickly fired off an email to the entire office, letting them know the lunch truck was there, when oops! She accidentally forwarded their entire exchange to the whole company.


As you might imagine, it took about 2.4 seconds for the exchange to make its way to every corner of the virtual world. The email quickly made its way to Twitter, and began trending along with the hashtag "sandwich van." One of the popular lines from the email: "I love making love to you. It's ace!" was retweeted a million times over. The human resources department for the company has released a statement, saying that the couple is "absolutely mortified" and "apologize for any offence caused."

But the craziest thing of all about this is: The couple apparently just couldn't deal with the embarrassment. So they both quit.

This had to have been the most mortifying thing that's ever happened to either of these people. I'm sure it would have been hell showing their faces in the company the days following the flub. Awkward as hell. But, in a few weeks time, this would have totally blown over. And it isn't like these two were cheating on their significant others; they were engaged. It's actually kind of cute that they're so hot for each other!

But at the end of the day, using your work email as a means to send sexy love notes to your significant other, talking about your "session" from last night, is a bad, bad, bad idea. Because things like this can happen.

I mean, isn't that why they invented texting?

Have you ever had an email fail like this?


Image via vmiramontes/Flickr

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