Helicopter Crashes in Central London During Rush Hour & Causes Mass Panic (VIDEO)

helicopter crashTwo people were killed and nine injured when a helicopter plummeted into a crane in central London during rush hour on Wednesday morning. Imagine what that must have been like to be on a crowded street when that happened. The news went viral within seconds thanks to social media.

Police say the commercial helicopter was on a scheduled flight and that the pilot had requested to divert and change his landing due to bad weather. And then the accident happened. Four of the injuries were critical in nature and all were on the ground as the helicopter only carried one person.

Naturally, many people thought a bomb had gone off. See below:


Of course, Twitter was quickly reporting the story with the hashtag #Vauxhaull. The problem with Twitter is that, very often, the news, while extremely fast, is also wrong.

Remember Newtown? The news was coming in so fast and furious on Twitter that much of it was wrong and the regular newspapers were struggling to keep up with it all.

News comes in so fast now, it isn't always correct. But reporters are under enormous pressure to deliver when anyone standing near a situation like this can tweet the news and have millions of people watching within seconds.

Many thought a bomb had gone off at first. If that was the first thing you read, you might have a very different notion of the situation than if you read a newspaper article that had the truth. So the lesson here is to be careful what sources you read and who you trust.

Twitter is great, but the people who report there aren't trained journalists. For a story like this, it's especially important to try to be patient. Consider the source. Twitter could cause mass panic.

Do you get your news from Twitter?


Image via YouTube

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