Lawyer Bills Client for Sex & That’s Not Even the Disturbing Part

lawyer You know all those lawyer jokes? About them being slimy and bloodsucking and kinda just, generally speaking, the worst? It's attorneys like Thomas P. Lowe whose behavior inspires such quips. Ya see, old Tommy boy had an affair with the client he was representing in a divorce case, then decided to bill her for the time they spent in bed together. He was able to screw her over twice and get paid for it. If I weren't so disgusted by the guy, I'd give him a high-five for his ingenuity.

Here's how it all went down.


Lowe had known his client for many years and she came to him about pursuing a divorce from her husband. After a phone conversation (presumably a lawyer-y one) in which he asked about his client's sexual relationship with her husband, Lowe followed it up with an inquiry (decidedly not a lawyer-y one) about whether or not she'd like to have sex with him.

A month later, one thing led to another and they began the affair. It lasted for a few months until the client noticed she was being billed for "drafting memo" time when it was during those exact hours they were having sex.

"Drafting memos"? He couldn't think of anything sexier to code it as? Even "document review" is hotter than "drafting memos", but I digress.

This is exactly why you should not mix business with pleasure. It's messy! Especially if you're billing for sex, which may or may not make you a form of prostitute. These situations never end up pretty. Someone always gets sued, or hurt, or screwed over, twice. Next time you're thinking about getting it on with someone who works for you, think about the consequences.

Shortly after Lowe's illegalities were exposed, he stopped representing his client and has been suspended from practicing indefinitely.

"Drafting memos." What an insult.

Have you ever mixed business with pleasure?


Photo via tax credits/Flickr

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