Teacher Has Fear of Kids So She Sues School for Making Her Teach Them

teacherHere's your good laugh for the day. A teacher is suing her former school district because she says they discriminated against her illness. But we're not just talking any illness here. Maria Waltherr-Willard claims to suffer from a fear of children.

I mentioned that she was a teacher, didn't I? Ah, only in America do we have teachers who want money for being forced to teach a bunch of little ankle-biters who give them the willies.


Waltherr-Willard's lawsuit is based on a claim of pedophobia. She says teaching young kids makes her so sick she vomits, suffers chest pains, and has sky-rocketing blood pressure.

As for the rather obvious question -- why was she teaching in the first place -- the Spanish teacher claims she was just fine with high school kids. It was when the Mariemont school district dared to put her in a room with a bunch of junior high kids that her ick factor kicked in. When they wouldn't send her back to the big kids, she retired, and now she wants money from the district. 

This is where I admit I am not a doctor, and refuse to dive into whether pedophobia is legitimate or not.

But I am a member of America's working class, and I do have a tad bit of common sense. This is why I took a job as a writer, sitting at a desk all day, rather than signing up for the Navy SEALs. This asthmatic is not cut out for that kind of training, and I know it.

Unfortunately there are many folks in America who fail to apply common sense to their careers. The guy with a back problem applies for a job that requires heavy lifting and expects the employer to make accommodations. The woman who gets the willies from being around kids decides to be a teacher.

They should be ashamed of themselves for even floating the idea. Instead they take to the courts, abusing the discrimination laws that are on the books, laws that are there to serve a much greater purpose for folks who are truly being hurt by backward bosses.

Yes, employers have an obligation in this country to abide by fair labor practices. But employees should have an obligation to be fair too, to recognize when a job just isn't a good fit -- due to no fault of the employer.

Where do we draw the line between what an employer should have to do to provide a pleasant workplace and what is just plain ludicrous?

Do you think this teacher deserves some money for what she went through, or should she have found a new career?


Image via Corey Leopold/Flickr

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