Natalie Wood's New Autopsy Report Means Her Death Is No Longer Just an 'Accidental Drowning'

Natalie WoodThe death of superstar Natalie Wood has always been an event steeped in horrible mystery. At just 43 when she drowned in 1981, the actress has always inspired questions about her drowning. Why was she in the water so late at night? Why did her boyfriend -- the actor Robert Wagner -- not help her?

In a report released yesterday, the LA coroner actually changed Wood's cause of death from "accidental drowning" to "drowning and other undetermined factors." All of this follows years of speculation. In 2011, the captain of their vessel came forward with new information. Though nothing came of that, many did start to suspect there was more to the story than Robert Wagner and her costar Christopher Walken were letting on.

Wood was covered in bruises, many of which may have happened before her drowning.


It all really begs some questions: Why was none of this released in 1981? Why was the death ruled an accidental drowning so quickly?

It's a strange and sad thing that just begs for conspiracy theorists to go crazy. When rich people die and other rich, famous people were with them, things do operate differently. Look at OJ Simpson or any case where rich, famous people are accused of doing bad things. They hire the very best lawyers in all the land, and very often, they get away with things. Even, some speculate, things like murder. 

It's possible that the case wasn't properly investigated because of the people involved. It's possible that Wagner didn't exactly kill Wood, but that he didn't help her, either. There are many things that are "possible."

Sadly, no one will likely ever really know what happened on that boat all those many years ago because Wood has been dead more than 30 years and getting at the truth now would be next to impossible. It's a shame, though. The truth is what we all need here.

But the reality is, we may never really know what happened on that boat. It may have just been a lethal mix of alcohol, high tempers, passion, and accidents.

Do you think Natalie Wood was murdered?


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