Lance Armstrong Apologizes to Livestrong Staff -- But Did He Confess? (VIDEO)

lance armstrongWhoa, we know there's a Lance Armstrong interview with Oprah coming up where he may confess at least partially to doping. But today Armstrong apologized to his Livestrong staff -- tearfully! He gathered about 100 staffers in Austin to offer his "heartfelt and sincere apologies" and take "full responsibility" for the trouble he's caused the foundation. He also took questions from his staff.

So ... if you could ask Lance Armstrong any questions, what would you ask him? I think we're all wondering one thing: Is he finally, FINALLY going to admit to doping? Did he confess to his staff before going public with his confessing?


Sources say Armstrong stopped short of confessing to using banned drugs. It was a very private and personal meeting. He promised to restore the foundation's reputation. But nope, no big confession, that we know of, anyway. And that's kind of a bummer.

The foundation has been more hurt by the doping allegations than almost anyone else, outside of Armstrong's family and team members. And they shouldn't get a second-hand confession watching Oprah on television. They need to hear that directly from Armstrong -- and he has to be there to accept everything they have to say and ask about it. I'm glad he spoke to his staff, before going on Oprah. But I wish he'd gone further than that.

Of course, I think we're all expecting that he will confess to Oprah, and there's still a chance that he'll keep denying. But why would he go through all the trouble only to keep telling the same story? Lance is a strong guy. He's survived cancer, and he can survive admitting that he used performance-enhancing drugs -- even with all the lawsuits he faces now. Oof, it's no small thing, though. That's one huge, daunting hill for him to climb! But I for one will be so relieved for him when he finally gets it over with.

Do you think Armstrong owed the Livestrong staff an explanation and apology ahead of his interview with Oprah?


Image via ABC News

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