Stranger Discovered Lurking Under House & You'll Never Believe What He Was Doing (VIDEO)

stranger under houseVelma and one of her 3 (useless) guard dogsIt sounds like the plot of a twisted horror movie, perhaps directed by M. Night Shyamalan or Guillermo del Toro: The Stranger Under the House. Yikes! Just when you thought it was safe to go down to the basement ... except for 73-year-old Velma Kellen of Yelm, Washington, this story was more than some scary flick -- it was her real life!

Can you imagine?! And to think, she might never have discovered the truth. See, it was getting awfully chilly in Velma's house at night, which was surprising, since her furnace was brand new -- but nowhere near as surprising as what the repairman found when he went into the crawl space under her home.


Doesn't the term "crawl space" make you shudder, by the way?! Nobody EVER finds anything good in one of those things, and this repairman was no exception: Not only had a heating duct been cut, it had most likely been cut by a person living under the house (the better to blow warm air onto himself, of course). Other telltale signs of crawl space occupancy included empty beer cans and liquor bottles all over the floor; retrospectively, Velma said she did sometimes notice a smoky smell wafting up from the floor vents, but couldn't tell what type of smoke it was ("worse than cigarettes," apparently). She also wondered occasionally about the back gate door, which seemed to open for no reason.

So the stranger under the house was ... a stoner. Who was also kind of a slob lacking the common decency to close a door behind him. Which isn't actually all that scary, but still.

Anyway. Hopefully the intruder won't be back, since the crawl space was closed up (at least I assume it was), but it kind of sucks that Velma had to pay $500 to get the duct repaired, don't you think?! Considering some freeloading party animal is guilty?! As Velma says, "Golly sakes!" (Seriously. Watch the clip, she's adorable.)

What would you do if you found somebody living under your house?!


Image via playgame4341/YouTube

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