Unruly Drunk Gets Duct Taped on Plane by Awesome Passengers (VIDEO)

The next time you're seated next to a screaming baby or someone hacking up a lung on a plane, consider yourself lucky. You could have gotten this guy. A man on a flight from Iceland to New York was tied up and restrained with duct tape by flight attendants and fellow passengers when he became unruly after reportedly drinking an entire bottle of booze. A witness claiming to have seen the incident wrote on Reddit: "He tried grabbing the women who were sitting next him screaming that we're going to crash. Finally he started choking a guy next to him and that's when a huge crowd restrained him and tied him up." And, lucky us, someone videotaped it all.


Gudmundur Karl Arthorsson spent most of the flight trussed up like a turkey -- and videotape shows him making high-pitched guttural wailing noises like drunken Chewbacca. I don't blame the passengers or the crew for doing what they felt was necessary, but it does beg some questions. Who had a roll of duct tape on board? And since the guy was reportedly drunk as a skunk and his mouth was duct taped, how much worse could this have gotten if the guy had gotten sick?

I feel bad for the guy, who is clearly in major distress. However, I feel worse for the passengers, stuck listening to him wail the entire flight. So much for enjoying the in-flight movie! The guy was escorted off the flight when it reached JFK airport, but surprisingly, he wasn't arrested. He was treated for alcohol poisoning. Makes you wonder if people should take a Breathalyzer test before boarding.

It's scary enough to be hurtling through the air in a metal container at 35,000 feet, but to be stuck in it with unpredictable (and often idiotic) humans is even scarier. You have to give the passengers credit for not battering him with their neck pillows.

What's your worst fellow airline passenger story?

Image via Kimberly Goldman/YouTube

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