Woman Nearly Burned Alive After Argument With Boyfriend ... Over Laundry!

Dexter Oliver
Dexter Oliver
In probably the most disturbing news you will hear all day, police are searching for a man who allegedly burned a woman alive in California this weekend. Cops say the mother of three was set on fire by her own boyfriend, and the reason for the heinous crime is almost as troubling as the methodology.

Dexter Oliver allegedly poured gasoline on his girlfriend because -- get this -- she wanted to put her clothes in to wash at a laundromat and leave. He didn't want to. And for this he allegedly set her on fire?


It's an overreaction of epic proportions.

Fortunately the woman -- unidentified at this point -- managed to rip her shirt from her body and put out the fire. She suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries, and Oliver is likely to be charged with attempted murder once cops can bring him in.


But this is not the first time we've heard of people going off over the pettiest of arguments. But what does it say that we have so many powder kegs in America just waiting for the tiniest of sparks to explode? That these people are snapping so quickly, and their actions are so devastating to people they are supposed to love?

Last week a 23-year-old man was arrested for killing his own dad in a similar method -- lighting him on fire -- because the father asked him to clean his room. And you may have heard about the 29-year-old who set her ex-boyfriend's mattress on fire. The ex was IN the bed at the time, along with another woman, which is what is said to have set the alleged suspect over the edge!

Each of this instances involved people who the alleged criminal loved or at least cared for at some point. Each time the crime was brutal. And each time the cause was relatively minor, at least when you consider the viciousness of the crimes.

Maybe it's time that we -- as a society -- step back and re-evaluate our anger problem? Take a look at our righteous indignation?

If not now, when?


Image via San Francisco Police Department

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