2 Reportedly Drunk Women Storm Plane’s Cockpit & Force Emergency Landing

drunk womenTwo allegedly drunken women stormed the cockpit on a British Airways flight from Gatwick London to Tunis, Tunisia, forcing the plane to land in Lyon, France. The two were taken into police custody upon arrival.

At first, it sounds like the work of rowdy teenagers, right? Or at least a comical film. Didn't Bridesmaids have a drunken disruption on a plane scene? It was hilarious, right? But in real life, maybe not so much. And these women were anything but teenagers.

In fact, the two women were middle-aged. They reportedly swore in front of children and demanded to see the captain while IN FLIGHT. My guess is if you were on that plane, it would have been anything but funny. Further, in this day and age, it's just idiocy.


Security on planes is extremely tight. And rightly so. Any disruption like that is not only dangerous, it's also criminal. Since 9/11 and the multiple terrorist attacks on planes, people just don't take too kindly to bad behavior on flights.

For travelers, flying is a massive inconvenience. Yeah, yeah. We all know no one HAS to fly. But that is sure easy to say when you live within driving distance of family. Many people don't and so plane travel is a necessary evil. The amount of indignity involved with flying cannot be overstated. One has to take off their shoes, throw out liquids, submit to searches, go through an x-ray machine, and then fight others for overhead space, all while being treated like scum by rigid airline employees who don't seem to care whether you make it to your destination ever.

AND we get to pay $1,000+ for this "privilege." So, no. I am guessing the fellow passengers on this flight didn't take too kindly to this drunken disruption. The women were allegedly drinking Malibu, too, which lends a whole other comic element (even though it isn't very funny). Malibu? Really?

I feel for those passengers a lot. It's a crime and, as such, should be heavily punished. Rumor has it that these women will be banned for life from British Airways, but more punishment is deserved to deter others from making the same mistakes.

These women should have sat quietly in their seats like everyone else. If they wanted to drink, they could have waited until after landing.

Whatever the punishment is, it likely will not be enough.

Do you think these women deserve a harsh punishment?


Image via ell brown/Flickr

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