Son Kills Dad While Deer Hunting & the Accident Will Haunt the Child Forever

deerNo matter which side of the gun control argument you're on, a tragedy out of Virginia is sure to give you pause. Cops say a 13-year-old boy was out hunting with his dad when he shot what he thought was a deer. Sadly, what the teen hit was actually his own dad, and the shot was fatal.

That's right. A child killed his own father. Right now Sansford Ray Semones' death is being termed "accidental."


Some accident, huh?

My heart breaks for this boy and for his family too. This is the type of accident that will haunt this boy as he grows up, follow him forever. It will hurt his family immeasurably.

This is one of the facts about guns that can't be denied. A mistake with a gun is likely to have implications that reach much farther than the effects of almost any other type of mistake.

That's not to cast aspersions on this child. He had taken a hunter safety course, and his hunting license was current. Even the idea that he thought dad was a deer is explained -- Semones wasn't wearing blaze orange, which would have made it obvious that he was a human being.

Still, we can be sympathetic to this family's tragedy, fully understand how an accident could have happened, and yet be circumspect about how we treat gun-related accidents, can't we? We can move forward using this new information ...

We must acknowledge that even without malice, the fact that these incidents happen is evidence of the power of guns and the rather tenuous control we have over that power. All it takes is one tiny mistake, and the results, well ... they can be as catastrophic as a boy killing his own father.

What is your takeaway from this type of gun story?


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