Wedding Ring Found on Snowy Highway: Are You Its Owner?

Earlier this month, Douglas Beneditti met a man on the side of the road near Kingvale in Northern California. The man was searching the snowy shoulder off Interstate 80 -- for his lost wedding ring. It seems that he had lost it while stopping to put chains on his tires.

The men were unable to find the band, but hours later, Beneditti went back and recovered it. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know the name of the man and has no way to contact him. He’s hoping that the inscription, “Lisa, 5th June, 2010,” will be enough to track down its rightful owner. So if you’re a dude that married Lisa a couple of summers ago and lost your ring on the side of a California highway, you just might be in luck.


Of all the possessions a person can lose, a wedding ring is one of the worst. I know it’s just “stuff” and can be replaced, but there’s so much symbolism and sentimental value in that little metal trinket you exchanged on your wedding day. Many vows even include verbiage about the circle representing your love for one another -- unending.

My husband and I know that sinking feeling that comes when you realize that your wedding ring is missing. His ring was slightly loose when we got married, but it seemed to stay on fine and we didn’t have time to get it resized before our Jamaican honeymoon. We were splashing around the beach like the stupid-happy-in-love newlyweds that we were, when he realized his ring was gone. On the bottom of the ocean.

Thankfully, one of the scuba instructors at the resort we were staying at was able to recover it after several hours of searching. We were shocked and touched that not only had this guy spent all afternoon looking for the ring, but also that he gave it back to us. He totally could have kept it and sold it, and we never would have been the wiser. We tried to tip him, but he wouldn’t accept it; he just said it was his pleasure.

I really hope that Lisa’s husband is similarly reunited with his wedding ring. It’s Good Samaritans like Douglas Beneditti and the scuba instructor in Jamaica that restore a bit of faith in humanity.

Have you ever lost your wedding ring? Did you find it?

Image via Jenny Erikson

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