Powerful Winter Storm Kills 6 & Makes 2012 One for the (Depressing) Record Books

Northeast blizzardA powerful winter storm is ripping across the country. It started in the Midwest, creating record snow fall in Arkansas and then gathered speed and dumped one to two feet of snow on parts of the Northeast. For many, yesterday was a travel day, which meant they stayed home in front of cozy fires, with family.

The good news: I guess if a storm is going to it hit at the right time. There was no school to be canceled, no school buses on the road, and no chaotic last minute meeting juggle for parents (snow days suck for grown-ups, by the way).

The bad news: This whole year. Truly, 2012 is going out in a perfectly fitting way. The whole year has been fairly traumatic and awful in many ways.


We started the year with the knowledge that the world would end on December 21. It didn't. But it sure tried. 

A snowstorm may be nothing compared to the difficulty of this year. There were multiple shootings, including the horrifically tragic Sandy Hook Elementary shooting this past month and the movie theater rampage in Aurora, Colorado.

It was also an election year full of mudslinging, constant fighting, and turmoil. We have this whole "fiscal cliff" situation to deal with, and naturally a giant hurricane hit the East Coast just two months ago. Hurricane Sandy wiped out so much of the infrastructure on the Jersey shore and many are still struggling with that.

So, yes, I'd say the perfect end to this year is a giant, travel-garbling blizzard that affects the entire East Coast. Perfect.

OK, people. So let's batten down the hatches and live through yet another storm, this time the literal kind. It's five days before the year ends. It can only get better from here, right?

Do you think 2012 was a particularly crappy year?


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