60-Foot Beached Whale in NYC Is Just Something You Gotta See (VIDEO)

whaleI'd imagine it would be very surprising to take a walk on the beach in New York City and find a beached whale, but that's what happened today in Breezy Point, Queens. Rescuers are trying hard to save the 60-foot whale, believed to be a finback, from certain death. Biologists say that the whale is "emaciated" and "very ill", which may account for its beaching, and will decide in the next 24 hours whether or not a tide will be able to take it back out to sea, or if euthanizing the mammal will be the most humane thing to do. 


The photos and video of the beautiful beast in Breezy Point are amazing, but perhaps what's more remarkable is the effort given by the fire department and volunteers -- it was only two months ago when Superstorm Sandy ravaged Breezy Point. Water, wind, and fire tore through the town and it now faces repairs of historical proportions. Residents aren't sure if they can afford to rebuild, or if the community will ever, ever be the same.

But now, there's a whale that needs help. And help it's getting. Responders have been pumping and spraying sea water on the mammal to keep it wet and breathing. They'll decide within 24 hours how to proceed, but for now, they're doing their best to keep it alive.

Pretty amazing, considering all the hardship the Breezy Point citizens and law enforcement have gone through, but it just goes to show that they've still got a ton of heart and are able still to lend a helping hand.

And now, for the Seinfeld reference we've all been waiting for: The sea was angry that day, my friends -- like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli ... What is that, a Titlist?

Watch the whale:


Photo via NY Daily News

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