Petition to Deport Piers Morgan for Calling Gun Nut 'Unbelievably Stupid' Proves His Point (VIDEO)

Piers MorganWhat kind of person listens to CNN commentator Piers Morgan talk about gun control and then signs a petition to have him deported? Quick answer: An idiot. Plain and simple. Unfortunately, about 60,000 of those signed a petition to deport the host of Piers Morgan Tonight back to his native England for his comments on gun control.

Last week Morgan called guest Larry Pratt, the executive director of Guns Owners for America, "dangerous" and "an unbelievably stupid man." The exchange was heated (and hilarious), but it was also Morgan's opinion. Something he has the right to have. Yes, even as a British national.

In fact, Morgan's comments are protected under the First Amendment unless they're actually dangerous to our country. Let's face it, even though people are whining about gun control like they're losing their babies, it's not going to kill them. See below:


Pretty fantastic, no? Morgan, who knows about the petition, responded on Twitter:

I don't care about petition to deport me. I do care about poor NY firefighters murdered/injured with an assault weapon today.

This is the kind of thing that "unbelievably stupid people" do. Don't like my opinion? Then you can go back to your country. Well here's a clue (moron): Wanting America to be better isn't the same thing as hating America. And people who waste their time signing idiotic and hateful petitions are the ones I'd like to see "deported." 

The man who started the petition claims Morgan "engaged in a hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment." But guess what? The willful misreading of the Constitution on the part of many gun lovers is the real crime against this country.

People who insist that we don't need gun control after YET ANOTHER gun attack by a madman are the ones I would like to see deported. They represent the worst this country has to offer. And yes, Piers Morgan is right. They ARE unbelievably stupid. It's unbelievably stupid to fight for your guns after children are killed in a school. It's unbelievably stupid to sign a petition to deport someone for expressing his opinion. And it's unbelievably stupid to waste your time on hateful petitions rather than actually spreading more love or helping the grieving people of Newtown, Connecticut.

EVEN if you do believe that our Constitution guaranteed assault rifles, we should be focusing right now on love and adding more of that. Not on more hate. So congratulations gun nuts. Your petition only proves Morgan's point: 60,000 people in this country are, indeed, unbelievably stupid.

Did you sign the petition? Would you?


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