'What Brought Us Together in 2012': If You Only Watch 1 Thing Today, This Should Be It (VIDEO)


2012 year in review

Sandy Hook Elementary, Amanda Todd, "Gangnam Style," Jennifer Livingston, McKayla Maroney, Shit Girls Say, and funny cats are just some of the many things that brought us together in 2012. An emotional video is going viral that depicts the events over the last year that have bound us in tragedy, inspiration, love, and humor, and in six minutes, you'll experience a moving recap of all that 2012 had to offer. You'll smile when you see a glimpse of the best proposal of the year, you'll nod when you see bullied bus driver Karen Klein, and you'll chuckle when you see the "Call Me, Maybe" craze, because, yeah, you'd forgotten about that already.

It's truly amazing. Watch:


What event stood out to you the most in this recap of 2012?


Photo via Jean-Louis Nguyen/YouTube

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