Gun Sales Surge After Sandy Hook Shooting But That Doesn't Mean We're Safer

gun showWhy anyone thinks the answer to gun violence is getting more guns on the street is baffling. How does that even make sense in their minds? But that's what's happening. In the days after the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting that took the lives of 20 children and 7 adults, gun shop owners report a surge in gun sales, especially for assault rifles like the one used by shooter Adam Lanza.

"The two busiest days I've witnessed during my four years in the business," one gun shop owner says, "was the day after Obama was elected, and ahead of that, last Saturday."



Ridiculous panic over post-election gun acquisition aside, the belief that being armed will in any way protect you from random acts of violence is naive and it's very, very dangerous. Just because someone owns a gun doesn't mean they know how to use it. Or that they won't accidentally shoot an innocent bystander if they pull it out in public. There's no guarantee you'd even have the ability to get it out in time to use it. The person most at risk when you buy guns is YOU. And your family.

"Most people feel that if teachers had the ability to protect themselves, there would have been less casualties," Brandy Liss, owner of the The Arms Room, a shooting range and gun shop in League City, Texas, says.

I say bullshit to that. I can see absolutely no scenario in which a bunch of armed school teachers, shooting in a moment of panic, would not make that situation infinitely worse. I can't even see the logic to it. Owning a gun does not keep you from being shot. Or necessarily keep your family safe. Nancy Lanza was murdered with her own gun. By her son. In her home. Why he went to the school afterward we may never know. But rushing out to buy guns after something this terrible, because you think it's the best way to protect yourself, is just crazy.

Do you think having more guns on the streets can help stop gun violence?


Image via M Glasgow/Flickr

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