Real-Life 'Notebook' Couple Married 65 Years Die Just 12 Hours Apart

couple holding handsIf you've watched The Notebook and thought that Allie and Noah dying just hours apart has to be one of the most heartwrenchingly romantic moments in all of movie history, you're not alone. If you've also thought to yourself, "Yeah, right, like that would ever happen in real life," hold on to your hat, cuz it totally just did!

LaVerne and Robert Werner, a Pennsylvania couple who were married 65 years ago after Robert returned from World War II, both passed away last week, only 12 hours apart ...


Their son, Barry Werner, told the local newspaper that his father had Alzheimer's disease, and his mother cared for him until four months ago when they were moved to a personal-care home where they shared a room. Barry explained that LaVerne passed away first -- probably as the result of small mini-strokes. And soon thereafter, Robert started to fade ...

Something was wrong. I could tell by his actions that something was bothering him. She went in peace and he did the same thing. I think he heard her calling -- that she told him that it was OK.

It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Things like this definitely happen from time to time, and it's not as rare or "only in Hollywood" as we may think. Sometimes, people simply can't live without one another -- especially after spending most of their lives together. Not that there's anything wrong with outliving your spouse by several years -- I'm grateful both of my grandmas managed to do that despite being very much in love with my grandpas -- but clearly, there's something super romantic about it happening the way it did for this real-life Noah and Allie.

In the end, their son encapsulated his parents' relationship ...

They did everything together. They didn’t always agree with each other, but if one went, the other was going to follow soon.

Sounds like true love to me.

Are you inspired by this real-life Notebook couple?


Image via spirit-fire/Flickr

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