Your Biggest Celebrity Questions of 2012 Answered!

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No doubt about it, 2012 has been a really big year. We embraced our inner kink with the help of Fifty Shades, we learned about the "reverse massage," Honey Boo Boo made mud boggin' cool, a binder full of women was discovered, the 47 percent got dissed, Barack Obama was re-elected, and the country is about to fall off some big cliff.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Our friends at rounded up the most popular pop culture questions of the year for its annual What's on America's Mind? survey. With everything from the KStew scandal to whether the TomKat marriage was for real, The Stir has given its Magic 8 Ball a shake and has all the answers you seek! Take a look.

Advertisement's top celebrity questions:

  1. Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get back together? Well, unless you are living under a rock without Wi-Fi, you know they did in fact reunite after KStew's indiscretion with her Snow White and the Huntsman director. The question now is, will they stay together now that the Twilight films are finally over? There are reports that they are living together once again, but the pair certainly don't look happy when they are out and about together these days. Magic 8 Ball says: My sources say no.
  2. Was Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s marriage fake? It's rumored that Tom and Katie had a marriage contract, which is basically he gets a wife and she gets a kick-ass, A-list career. In fact, tabloids have long claimed he has similarly signed on the dotted line with other so-called loves, including ex Nicole Kidman. But bottom line is, what makes a marriage technically real isn't love. It's a legal agreement -- which they both voluntarily entered into it. So ... Magic 8 Ball says: Yes -- definitely.
  3. What does "Gangnam Style" mean?  It's a dance craze created by South Korean pop musician PSY. It became so hot Britney and Madonna did it. Now we must ask, will this trend last? But really, do they ever? Remember the blip that was the Macarena? Magic 8 Ball says: Don't count on it.
  4. What will happen to Prince Harry because of the nude pictures? Aside from the fact that everyone got a new appreciation for his "family jewels," nothing really ever came of it. He's always been the naughtier heir. Some royal handler probably just asked him to keep it in his pants. But is his inner bad boy gone for good? Magic 8 Ball says: Very doubtful.
  5. How big is Angelina’s engagement ring? The $500,000 emerald cut diamond ring is approximately 8 to 9 carats. Any chance they they will finally make it to the altar in 2013? Magic 8 Ball says: Outlook good.
  6. What is the best "Call Me Maybe" parody? Cookie Monster's "Share It Maybe" spoof was hands-down the best one. Who doesn't love that guy? No others came close. Does the Magic 8 Ball agree? Yes.
  7. Why did Miley Cyrus cut her hair? Aside from clearly liking the attention, the singer/actress opted for a pixie because she wanted to try something different -- plain and simple. To all the haters of her new look (and there were a ton), she quipped, "Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one." Question now is, will she grow it out before her wedding to Liam Hemsworth? Magic 8 Ball says: My reply is no ... because a wedding is very doubtful.
  8. Does Ryan Lochte have a girlfriend? Magic 8 Ball says: My reply is no. In fact, his mother confirmed his single status when she told the Today show that, "He goes out on one-night stands. He's not able to give fully to a relationship because he's always on the go." 

What other questions about stars in 2012 do you have?

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