Pro-Life License Plates Banned in the Name of Free Speech?!!

Choose Life license plate North CarolinaA federal judge in North Carolina has banned pro-life license plates as unconstitutional unless the state also offers a pro-choice option. U.S. District Court Judge James Fox ruled on Friday that the “Choose Life” plates violate the First Amendment.

Yes, that is the one having to do with free speech. Oh the irony.

In news that will shock no one, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of North Carolina Legal Foundation filed the lawsuit on behalf of North Carolinians seeking a specialty license plate for the pro-choice crowd. Apparently, amendments were introduced to the legislature and rejected six times to authorize a new plate that would read “Trust Women. Respect Choice,” or “Respect Choice.”


When did “reproductive freedom” and “choice” and “abortion” all become synonymous? I’m all for a woman’s right to choose whether or not to reproduce. More power to her, whatever she decides. Six kids, no kids, kids conceived via fertility treatments as well as in the backseat of a ‘97 Honda, kids at 20, kids at 40, whatever. That’s the freedom. That’s the reproduction.

Abortion occurs after the reproductive freedom happens. Abortion ends another person’s life because his or her existence is “inconvenient.”

But enough from the pro-life soapbox -- let me step down and get on my pro-government one. This is a perfect example of why living in a republic is so awesome -- we get to elect our representatives. If North Carolinians are so intent upon a legislature that will approve pro-choice license plates, then they should vote for candidates that will do so. That’s what elections are for.

Plus we have that wonderful Tenth Amendment, which allows states to make their own laws based on the needs and wants of their residents. Residents of a state that won’t create a pro-choice license plate are welcome to move to a state like Virginia that does offer them.

Leave it to the ACLU to outlaw North Carolinians’ ability to practice free speech on their license plates in the name of free speech.

What do you think of Judge Fox’s ruling?

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