Prank Call Nurse Jacintha Saldanha's Family Says 'Shame' Drove Her to Alleged Suicide

The family of the nurse who patched through two DJ pranksters to Kate Middleton's nurse while she was in the hospital for morning sickness blame the prank for Jacintha Saldanha's reported suicide. One of Jacintha's best friends reportedly told the Daily News: "Because of them only it happened. That’s what we think. We want an investigation about what happened to my friend." Her friends and family make it clear that they think the prank call was responsible for the nurse's death.


While reportedly Jacintha, 46, didn't get reprimanded by the hospital where she worked, it sounds like her friend isn't totally convinced of that, saying, "She wouldn’t do that unless maybe she had some stress from the hospital. She’s a very strong person. It’s definitely stress from work."

Her brother, Naveen, reportedly said that the nurse "would have felt much shame about the incident."

Jacintha leaves behind a husband, Benedict Barboza, and two teen daughters, Lisha, 14, and Junal, 16. "I miss you. I loveee you," Lisha wrote to her mother on her Facebook wall.

One never quite knows what is going to spark someone committing suicide. We never did find out why successful Hollywood director and producer Tony Scott threw himself off a bridge. He had no drugs in his system and was not, as some reports had it at the time, dying of cancer. We just don't know.

Myriad and complex factors -- including predisposition, biology, depression, culture, etc. -- go into someone taking their own life. It's unfair to blame the two DJs. The call may have culminated a long decline in the woman's mental well-being. I find it very difficult to believe that a "strong," mentally-healthy woman who got caught up in a prank call that wasn't her fault (she's not even the one who gave out any private info about Kate Middleton!) would choose to leave her two daughters and her husband unless there was something else going on. If she genuinely had NO emotional issues until this call, then she would have hit stress about something else at some other part of her life, and perhaps that would have tipped her over. (And we never know but the autopsy might eventually say she died of natural causes.)

The DJs shouldn't have tried to get personal information about a hospitalized patient -- that in and of itself was wrong. HOWEVER. Where would the world be without practical jokes? Where would it be without jokes or humor? That would be a world I wouldn't want to live in.

Do you think that the nurse committed suicide over the call?

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