Mayan End of the World Prophecy Is True, Declares Australian Prime Minister (VIDEO)

prime minister gillardAre the Mayans right? Are we just days away from the end of the world? No one seems to be taking their warning seriously! 12/21/12 you guys -- it's like next week. I feel like I should be buying bottles of water and getting spare batteries for my flashlights. Still no word from President Obama, but as usual, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is way ahead of the curve: Behold, a video statement by the Prime Minister on the End of the World.


Oh I'm just kidding! And so is the Prime Minister. She filmed this video with a radio morning show as a joke. I do like how she says, "I will always fight for you, to the end." I hope she's serious about that. Because zombies -- yeech. Anyway, as you can imagine, some Australians are thrilled that their PM is totes hilars and other Australians are demanding their tax money back (haters be boring). I can't even imagine the uproar if Barack Obama were ever to make joke announcement like this. Remember when he slow-jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon? (Do it again, Obama!)

Still ... don't you ever wonder, just a teensy bit -- what if the Mayans really ARE right? That would be so weird! And bad. Mostly bad. I admit, I've spent a few seconds contemplating what would happen if 12/21/12 really were the end of the world. And then, because I'm a blogger, I got distracted by something funny on BuzzFeed and moved on with my day. LOLZ grumpy cat!

But you know what? If it turns out that Prime Minister Gillard and the Mayans are right and the end of the world happens on December 21, I want you to know one thing: I will NOT fight for you to the end. I will run for the hills with all the cookies. 

this is maya

Do you ever wonder if the Mayans were right about the end of the world?


Images via triplejtv/YouTube and George Takei/Facebook

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