Live Nativity Scene Is Church's Annoying Way of Not Following the Rules (VIDEO)

nativity sceneA few weeks back, there was this big kerfuffle in Santa Monica, California between the Atheists and the Jesus-lovers regarding Christmas decorations at a local park. See, because of what happened last December (a lottery was held to see which religions get the most decorations -- Atheists won; Christians were pissed), this year, Santa Monica said: "To hell with it. We're not doing decorations, because everybody who lives here is uptight and annoying, and frankly, we have better things to do with our time." That meant no "Religions are all alike. Founded upon fables and mythologies" signs from the Atheists; no giant Menorahs from the Jews; and no elaborate 14-part nativity scenes from the Christians.

Well, there isn't supposed to be any nativity scenes from the Christians. Those clever little buggers figured out a loophole.


In the fair city of Santa Monica, you can now find live nativity scenes. Every day. Until the 23rd of December. Why is this okay? Because the scenes aren't permanent. Mary, and Joseph, and Jesus -- they all go home at the end of the night. So, no harm, no foul. (To the Christians, at least.)

While I will say that this is very clever, it's ridiculous. The city said no decorations, so -- no decorations!  I get that "technically" people aren't decorations, but in this case, they kinda are. I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate it if a bunch of Atheists stood outside in the park every night, and screamed about how they think Jesus is a fraud.

This is so not about the message or the "meaning" of Christmas anymore. It's about winning. If having a nativity scene is so important, why do it at the park that banned decorations in the first place? Why not do it somewhere else? What is the obsession with this park?!

I'm so over these "decor wars" it's not even funny. They're laughable and ridiculous. So I'm going to stop writing about them. Right now. Bye.

What do you think of the live nativity scene?

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