Snake on Plane Forces Emergency Landing & Samuel L. Jackson Wasn't Even There

cobraI wish I could tell you Samuel L. Jackson was on the Egypt Air flight from Cairo to Kuwait forced to make an emergency landing earlier this week. I'm pretty sure the rest of the passengers on that flight wish Samuel L. Jackson was flying with them, too. He wasn't, but guess what was? A cobra!! Ready, all together now: Muthaf*ckin' snakes on a muthaf*ckin' plane!!

You can't make this stuff up. (Well, you can, actually. And you can write a screenplay about it, which inexplicably goes on make tons of money as a movie, but you know what I mean.) Apparently the poisonous snake was smuggled on board by a Jordanian reptile dealer, who was apparently "trying to control" the animal when it bit him -- and then (this is the freaking horrifying part for everybody else) disappeared under his seat. Ready, all together now: Muthaf*ckin' snakes on a muthaf*ckin' plane!!!


Hence the need for an emergency landing (can you even imagine the pandemonium on that airplane, with a poisonous snake on the loose?!). At least no one else was harmed, thankfully, and the flight was able to resume after authorities captured the snake. Yay! Roll credits! Except, all kidding aside ... does anyone else find it extremely alarming that some guy was able to smuggle a poisonous snake on a commercial flight?

I mean, you can't even a bottle of mouthwash through the average airport security check these days. Toss a set of toenail clippers in your carry-on and they might call the cops. Remember the, um, well-endowed gentleman who almost got grounded because airport officials thought he was packing more than a package? And that 3-year-old with the broken arm who got his cast searched? The inconsistencies are somewhat troubling. Will the skies ever be friendly for real??

Anyway. Ready, all together now: Muthaf*ckin' snakes on a muthaf*ckin' plane!!!

Are you surprised somebody smuggled a snake on a plane?


Image via Michael Allen Smith/YouTube

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