Newspaper Prints Subway Photo Taken Moments Before Man Is Killed by Train

subwayIt is one of the worst fears of any big city commuter -- being pushed in the path of an oncoming train. So the death of Queens, New York dad Ki-Suk Han, who was shoved onto the tracks by another man, was a story that sent chills down my spine.

I thought about it as I headed through the turnstile this morning. Then again as I saw those bright lights of the lead car approaching. My heart went out to that man who must have been terrified out of his mind in those last few seconds. Well, as I emerged from the station after reaching my final stop, that heartbreak turned to disgust and outrage as I caught a glimpse of today's New York Post. Right there on the cover was Han desperately trying to climb back up on the platform with the train literally a second away from crushing his body.


I am horrified that they would print this gruesome photo. It was made all the worse by the following headline: "Pushed on the subway track, this man is about to die." Underneath that was "DOOMED."

The person who snapped the image happened to be a freelance photographer. He says he didn't try to help the poor, doomed man up because he wasn't strong enough to lift him. Instead, he started taking a series of photographs allegedly hoping that the flash would alert the subway conductor that someone was on the tracks. But I have so many issues with this scenario. To be honest, I am completely sickened by it.

Now, I am not saying this man should have put his own life in harm's way to help a stranger. That is an intensely personal choice that has to be led by one's own conscience. But to take photos of Han as he is about to die is just ghastly. For the New York Post to actually print it is grossly insensitive. As soon as I saw it, all I could think was, "Why is this person taking a picture instead of trying to help this poor man or offering him some words of comfort?" The next thought: "Why the hell would the newspaper run it?" Though, I know the answer. We all know that answer: to sell copies. But there should be a line. This is one of the most gruesome ways a person can die. Making a buck off of those last torturous seconds is completely disgusting.

Though straphangers will rest easier knowing that police now have a "person of interest" in custody. My heart goes out to that poor victim's family.

Do you think it was wrong to run this photo?


Image via vincent desjardins/Flickr

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