Massive Ohio Sinkhole Is One of World's Largest (VIDEO)

ohio sinkhole

Holy cow -- have you seen this picture of the massive Ohio sinkhole that opened up in Dover Ohio? That thing is huge! According to news reports, it took only minutes for the sinkhole to devour several acres of land -- the size of 4 football fields -- and part of a state highway. (That's State Highway 516 in Dover -- in case you were planning on driving on it anytime soon.)

The hole collapsed near a lake where, for years, an asphalt company had been dredging sand 50 feet below the surface. Pretty scary stuff. Can you imagine driving along the highway and all of a sudden having it open up? Fortunately, there have been no reports of any actual injuries.


The sinkhole measures 1000-feet long, 300-feet wide, 30-feet deep -- and is apparently still growing. Its size puts it on the list for one of the world's biggest sinkholes. Take a look:


Have you ever seen a sinkhole in real life?


Image via YouTube



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