Flight With Bride, Groom & Guests Delayed 27 Hours

bride and groom destination weddingEver sit in an airport for hours because your flight's been delayed, but you're not receiving any -- or only very minimal -- information about why? It's the worst. Oh wait, no. The worst is when your flight's been delayed, you're not receiving any info about why, and if you don't board a plane ASAP, you might miss your own wedding

That's pretty much what happened to a California couple and more than a dozen of their wedding guests who are still, understandably irate about their completely messed-up travel plans to Hawaii. Groom Chris Habr, his bride-to-be, and many of their guests recently had to do their best impression of Tom Hanks in The Terminal while stuck at a Stockton, CA airport for over a day. As it turned out, their Allegiant Air plane had a mechanical breakdown, but over the course of 27 hours, the wedding travelers and their fellow passengers were given no info about their flight and if/when it was ever going to take off, according to Habr. UGH!!


Habr told the local news station that covered the story:

We were sitting in an airport with no kind of information at all and my bride is bawling her eyes out because she’s afraid we’re just going to have to cancel the whole wedding.

What a nightmare. Granted, it does sound like the bride may have been overreacting a lil bit, because they were all traveling about five days out from the planned "I do"s (wise!). And ultimately, their ceremony wasn't affected by the delay. But the fact that they didn't receive any info about what the problem was is enough to drive you mad. Especially when you're headed to your wedding ...

Planning a destination wedding is difficult enough. You have no choice but to put a lot of trust and faith in vendors/planners who are far away and airlines you're hoping will safely deliver you to your far away wedding destination. There are so many moving parts -- a lot that could go wrong, definitely moreso than with a local wedding.

Being a good three-hour flight away from my own wedding location, I so feel the bride's pain and can totally understand why she flipped out. Every moment of this delay must have been beyond stressful for everyone involved -- especially her. But thankfully, in the end, it all worked out, and Allegiant even reimbursed the party for their lost night of lodging in Hawaii. Whew! Now let's hope the newlyweds have an amazing honeymoon planned that will allow them to really decompress from this travel nightmare. 

What's the most excruciating delay you've ever experienced while traveling?


Image via Photos in Cancun/Flickr

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