Bus Kills 6-Year-Old Tucked Safely in His Bed at Home

busAs 6-year-old David Granados slept in his bedroom, a bus plowed through his room, killing him and injuring his 7-year-old brother.

The accident occurred when the driver swerved and lost control as he tried to avoid a pedestrian on a Long Island residential road.


The kids were in the front bedroom of the house when the huge vehicle crashed through the wall and pinned David. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital. A Nassau County police rep said,

The bus driver sees the pedestrian, blows his horn three times as a warning, the pedestrian keeps walking toward the moving bus, who was traveling at the proper rate of speed with the green light, tries to avoid him and is forced to make a hard right turn, hops the curb, and strikes the house at 505 Fulton Avenue. Preliminarily, alcohol, drugs, and speed do not appear to be a factor regarding the driver of the NICE bus.

In total, 12 others were injured, including 11 passengers and the pedestrian, who was struck by the bus, though none of these injuries were life threatening. This is the very definition of “freak accident.” There is nothing to safeguard against such a random, horrific mishap. Still, it happens far too often. In March, a baby miraculously survived when a car came barreling into her room. Then in May, a woman suffered some sort of medical problem and slammed her truck into a bar full of patrons. No one was seriously hurt in either of those incidents, though poor David Granados wasn't so lucky. My heart certainly goes out to his devastated family.

Have you heard of similar accidents in your community?

Image via ahisgett/Flickr

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