Historic $425 Million Powerball Jackpot Will Give Us All Lottery Fever (VIDEO)

powerballIf your spouse, your friends, family members, co-workers, or even you have ever come down with a serious case of lottery fever, you ain't seen NOTHIN' yet! Last night's gigantic Powerball drawing mega-jackpot was estimated at $325 million before the numbers were picked. That was the fourth biggest jackpot in the game's history. Now, because for the 15th consecutive time, no winners matched the numbers (which, just FYI, were 22, 32, 37, 44, 50 and Powerball 34), the pot rises to at least $425 million -- the largest Powerball jackpot ever for the multi-state game. YOW!

I say "at least" because now that everyone is going to be itching for a shot at this all-time enormous jackpot, lottery sales are sure to pick up in a major way, and that could make the grand total for Wednesday night's drawing even more eye-popping ... 'Course that also means chances of winning the entire pot even smaller. But will that stop hordes of us from standing in line for tickets?


Uh, no way! Especially considering that with a jackpot that enormous, we figure we could always get a few matching numbers and win even a piece of the record-breaking pie ...

In fact, that's exactly how it went down for some lottery players last night. One ticket purchased in New York state is valued at $2 million, because the player matched all 5 regular numbers and played the Powerplay option, according to the Powerball website. And several tickets purchased in Arizona; Florida; New Jersey; New York; Oregon; Texas; Virginia, and Wisconsin are worth $1 million each, because they matched all five regular numbers. Not too shabby!

It seems safe to say that between now and Wednesday, lottery players are going to be scrambling to stock up on tickets and go into pools, like the ConAgra Food Workers in Nebraska who won the previous top Powerball prize -- $365 million -- in 2006. Even people who don't usually play are sure to start fantasizing about becoming an insta-millionaire. No doubt about it -- this jackpot's gonna go down in history. Better run out and get your tickets before the lines start weaving their way around city blocks!

Here's last night's drawing, if you missed it ...

Do you play the lottery? Will you be playing this one?


Image via Powerball39/YouTube

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