Horrific 100 Car Pileup Leaves 2 Dead, 80 Injured & Many Others Stranded (VIDEO)

texas pile-up

Thanksgiving morning turned tragic for plenty of motorists who were traveling on I-10 in Texas, when just after 8:00 a.m., well over 100 cars were involved in a massive pileup accident.

The crash occurred on a stretch of the interstate between Taylor Bayou and Hampshire Road in Jefferson County, which is approximately 80 miles east of Houston.

Two people, a man and a woman, have been reported dead after the accident, and at least 80 other people were injured. And understandably, plenty of other travelers were left shaken, scared, and in a state of shock over witnessing the entire scene.


Ok, so how exactly did this happen, and why were so many vehicles involved?

Well, according to Deputy Rod Carroll of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department:

The cause of the accident was a heavy fog bank rolled into this area this morning, which caused nobody to be able to see and caused one accident that triggered another accident and then a chain reaction. Even as the deputies were pulling up we still had a continuous chain of accidents.

Take a look at this video to hear more about what happened, and also see the extent of just how terrible the accident was.


OMG. Those poor people! It's just so awful that something as simple as traveling to visit loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving can turn tragic all in a matter of minutes. I guess it just goes to show you that no matter how careful you are on the road, sometimes the circumstances are out of your control. (So scary.)

Honestly, it's a miracle that more people didn't lose their lives, considering just how many vehicles were involved. But my heart goes out to the family of the two who were killed and all those who were hurt. I can't imagine hearing worse news on Thanksgiving.

Have you ever run into fog so dense you could barely see a few feet in front of you?


Image via ABCNews

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