Mother & Toddler Trapped in Sinking Car Make Chilling 911 Call as Tragedy Unfolds (VIDEO)

ambulanceThis tragedy has no silver lining. Thursday night, a Texas mother was driving with her 22-month-old toddler when they got in what started off as a minor accident. According to NBC News in Dallas, the car driven by the mother (her name has not been released) ran a stop sign and hit a southbound car. The force of the collision sent the mother's car through a fence, then into a small pond near an apartment complex. As her car was sinking, she called 911 and explained her situation.

While on the phone, two good Samaritans dove into the water to try and break the car's windows and open the doors, but unfortunately, neither would budge.


The car was sinking nose first, and fast. The two young men who saw the crash jumped in the water and said they did everything they could to try and save the lives inside, but there was nothing that could be done.

The police arrived soon after and were able to pull the mother and her daughter out of the car after a half hour or so of prying. They were taken to a local hospital where they were announced dead on arrival.

NBC 5 decided not to release the 911 call because it was, understandably, too disturbing.

I just can't get over the tragedy of the situation. How surreal and supremely horrifying it must've been to be on the phone with 911 while you're drowning with your daughter. Yes, car accidents happen all the time, but you rarely hear a story as terrible as this one. A slow, mindful death has to be the worst way to go. And to know you can't save your daughter, either? I cannot imagine.

This story is almost scary enough to make me want to buy a car with manual, roll down windows ... if that's still even an option.

Shockingly, both the boys who jumped in the pond and the driver of the other car decided to give interviews on camera. Personally, I think I would've been a little too unnerved to go on TV and talk about the two deaths I just witnessed, but nevertheless, hear their stories below.

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