Woman Who Got Stuck Between Buildings Surely Feels Dumb Enough Without Your Bullying (VIDEO)

girl stuck in alleyAn apparently drunk girl in Providence, Rhode Island somehow managed to get herself wedged between two buildings to such a severe degree that she had to be rescued by the fire department. Fifteen years ago, it would have been an embarrassing tale she told for years. Now, it's an Internet sensation, a viral video she'll never live down.


No doubt the decision to walk in such a tiny crevice/alley as a "shortcut" was silly. She was silly. She will regret it. But this is bad. And kind of unfair. She is hardly the first drunk girl to do something dumb and now the whole Internet is laughing at her. See below:


Unlike most stories of viral videos, this wasn't something that was recorded by an amateur and placed on YouTube. But it's something that might have been a local story had the Internet not existed. 

This isn't a major thing. It won't keep her from getting jobs or ruin her life. But it's pretty humiliating. We have seen the way viral humiliation can go from funny to not-so-funny really quickly. There is a fine line between bullying someone and sharing something amusing.

Things are really funny unless you're laughing at someone's expense. And sure, we could say she "deserves" it. After all, she made the poor choice to walk in that alley. And she probably even owes money to the business owners whose stores were ruined by the fire department in an attempt to reach her.

But think about ALL the times you have been drunk and then drop the judgement. This could have been any one of us. Also, have some compassion. Instead of laughing at her, think about this: That must have been TERRIFYING. As someone with mild claustrophobia, I can't even imagine.

So stop laughing, people. This could have been any one of us.

Did this story make you laugh? Do you feel bad?


Image via YouTube

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