'Dump Donald Trump' Campaign Is a Sign It's Time for Him to Fade Into Oblivion (VIDEO)

donald trumpWe used to think he was a kick on The Apprentice, firing people right and left. We used to think it might be kinda cool to stay at one of his posh hotels. We used to listen to what he had to say, tweet, announce with a slight eye roll, not a case of full-on nausea. But it seems like in just a matter of a couple weeks, Donald Trump has gone from occasionally entertaining big mouth to one of the most loathed guys in the country.

In fact, as of this morning, some 465,000 people have signed a petition asking that Macy's "dump Trump" as a celebrity spokesman. Specifically, the signon.org petition denounces the mogul's "sexist behavior," denial of climate change, and endorsement of the "racially charged birther conspiracy." Nice. Of course, if you've paid any attention to the guy over the past four years, you know those wacko beliefs are just the tip of the twisted iceberg ...


The good news is that it looks like finally, fiiiinally, people are saying they're fed up with Trump!

Maybe his call on Obama to release his college transcripts and passport records last month -- no later than "by Halloween at 5 p.m.!" -- was the final straw? Maybe that was ridiculous and disrespectful enough to get people who were initially snickering to wake up and close the door on the out-of-control egomaniac? Seems like it to me! Gloriously, people on both sides of the aisle seem to be looking to shut up Trump -- those on the right feel who don't want him speaking for them and those on the left who are so over his increasingly crazy, bigoted stunts.

If Trump wants to maintain any hope of staying in the public's good graces and getting the attention he so desires, he'd be wise to get a clue and keep his big mouth shut about politics. Firing people on a reality competition show is one thing. But by trying every sleazy trick he can think of in a lame attempt to not only claim the spotlight but fire the President of the United States, he's gone way, way too far.

In case you missed it, here's his ridiculous proposal to President Obama that may have put him over the edge ...

Are you over Trump?


Image via trump/YouTube

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