Heartbroken Man Cuts Off Tongue to Win Wife Back He Verbally Abused

cutting tongueOh, my. This isn't good. Thirty-two-year-old Bunty Verma of Sendhwa, India, wanted his wife back so badly that he cut off his tongue. The TV repairman's wife fled with their young daughter after she couldn't take Bunty's verbal abuse anymore, and Bunty was evidently so distraught that he penned a note to his estranged wife informing her that he'd removed the part of him responsible for his biting words. Since it was his tongue that caused his wife so much pain, he removed it in the hopes that she would return.


My heart goes out to Bunty -- I don't know what kind of verbal abuse he was capable of and I don't want to imply that that's not an issue -- but I just feel bad for someone who's so overcome with pain and love that they do something really, really, really stupid, like cutting off their tongue.

I mean, Bunty! My man! That's not going to help anything! While the gesture was well-intended and sweet, the execution was totally wrong. I'm sure had he tried to show his wife that his verbal abuse days are over by, I don't know, say, writing her a letter every day for a year explaining how sorry he was (worked in The Notebook, people). Or had he penned her a note explaining how he's in therapy working on anger management or, you know, something like that, I'm sure it might have been more effective at getting his wife back than becoming mute and disabled.

Granted, I'm sure Sendhwa, India isn't exactly a place where one pays an NYU PhD student to sit and listen to one's problems for an hour each week, but the point is I bet there were other, wiser options than cutting out his literal means of communication.

I guess it's true what they say -- love hurts.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to get someone back?


Photo via foxtongue/Flickr

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