Victoria Jackson Thinks 'America Died' -- Should We Tell Her the Truth?

victoria jacksonOh for the love of God, will someone please help Victoria Jackson get a grip? She's having an election-induced meltdown. Take the Twitter away from this woman. She's bananas. 

"I can't stop crying. America died," she tweeted the day after the election. And before that she tweeted "America died." And before that she tweeted, "I can't stop crying." And you thought Diane Sawyer sounded drunk!


Okay, I had a bit of wine on election night, too. And then the next day I drank some freakin' coffee and WENT TO WORK. Maybe we should cut Victoria some slack because she was obviously off her rocker well before election night. We've heard her insane rants before. There's a reason why she was so hilarious on SNL all those years ago. But there's just something super-special about Victoria Jackson's brand of wing nuttiness.

By the way, America didn't die. It's still here. And if you're a true patriot you'll believe American is collectively stronger than any one of its leaders. America didn't die when George Bush was elected -- twice -- and it won't die during Obama's term. One guy can't break America.

Things that Obama's presidency may cause to die:

  • Anti-gay-marriage legislation.
  • Pre-exisiting conditions that don't get covered by insurance.
  • The fiscal cliff.
  • Talk of redefining rape.
  • Talk of revoking Roe vs. Wade.

I could go on. You get the point. But what I'm more concerned about are the 809 people (and counting) who FAVORITED Victoria Jackson's insane rant. Really, people? You favorited that? Shaking. My. Head. Oh well, I guess I should be glad it was only 809 people. 809 people with no sense of perspective. They won't break America, either.

What do you think of some of the extreme reactions to the elections this year?


Image via vicjacksonshow/Twitter



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