Man Reportedly Dies While Voting But Comes Back to Finish the Job

voteWho says the right to vote is limited to the living?! A Michigan man's heart stopped while he was submitting his ballot at a Southfield Township office for absentee voting on Monday.

The man was there with his elderly wife, who was helping him fill out the ballot. As she asked him questions, he was non-responsive and appeared to have stopped breathing, and the woman began screaming for help.


"He was dead," said Ty Houston, a man who rushed to their aid. "He had no heartbeat and he wasn't breathing. I started CPR and after a few minutes, he revived and started breathing again. He knew his name and his wife's name."

But it was what the elderly man asked after miraculously being brought back from the other side that shocked everyone in the room. His first question was: "Did I vote?" The man almost dies and the first thing on his mind isn't, "What the hell just happened to me," it's whether or not his vote counted. His wife's reaction: "Your life is my concern," Houston recounted. At that, the man, who unbelievably also had a tracheotomy tube in his throat, took a few more labored breaths and said, "That I love you and that I finished what I came here to do ... vote."

Wow. Now if this doesn't inspire you to get off your butt and get to the polls, I don't know what will. You see, he knows the importance of the act whether he is in a swing state or not. It is a right and a privilege to vote and he wanted his voice heard.

Did you face any obstacles while voting?

Image via FutUndBeidl/Flickr

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