Hurricane Sandy Gas Lines Are Seriously Insane (VIDEO)

So maybe by now you have moved on from watching all of the Hurricane Sandy coverage ... or maybe your local station has stopped showing it. There are lots of other things going on -- uh -- today is election day after all! But I can't escape the ripple effect of Sandy. It is all around me. And I am one of the lucky ones. We are still without power -- but our house was not damaged. Our cars were not damaged. We count our blessings every day.

The thing is ... even if you have power on Long Island, in New York, it is a frightening time. The gas lines and fear on the faces I walk past are something I have never witnessed before. So I thought I would share this video my husband took as we left our polling place this morning. This is a gas station in Queens ... but the line stretches into Long Island. It took us more than a minute to find the end of this one -- and it is shorter than most we are seeing.


And here a photo I took yesterday at a Hess station in Bellmore, Long Island.

long gas lines

Do you see an end in sight for this gas shortage? Is there anything we could have done to better prepare?


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