Indiana Library Finds a Gun Inside Donated Book -- For the Second Time!

gun in library book

Head to a library for an afternoon, and a person can find all sorts of cool things. Old encyclopedias, New York Times best sellers, a favorite childhood book. Imagine, though, picking up an old book and finding a gun inside. Yes, it actually happened in Valparaiso, Indiana! Get this: A library employee opened Outerbridge Reach by Robert Stone, a book that had been donated to their collection, and inside in a small spot carved out of its pages was a wooden-handled, gold gun. A REAL .31-caliber, single shot gun!


Not to worry, the library obviously took the “book” off the shelves and called the cops to report their discovery. Since so many books are donated each month — there was no way to figure out who dropped it off or when. Even crazier, though, allegedly this isn’t the first time a gun has been found inside of a book donated to this library.

What are the chances that lightning would strike twice, so to speak? The gun itself looks like an antique, and I bet it’s definitely worth a pretty penny. To think, someone just like you and me was trying to do the right thing by donating a few old books to the town library, and whoops, suddenly the family is down a pistol.

Regardless, I have definitely had friends who have hallowed out old books to store cash and other valuables … but a gun? I’m not exactly sure that a book is the best place to hide a firearm, especially in a family home. Smarter to put that thing in a safe, far FAR away from any child.

How crazy, right?

Image via Valparaiso Police Department

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