Superstorm Sandy Kills at Least 3 Kids After Trees Crash Down on Them

fallen tree hurricane sandyAs Hurricane Sandy has moved inland, the superstorm has left much destruction in its wake and claimed several lives. As of now, the AP is reporting that the death toll has reached at least 33, with many of the victims killed by falling trees. At least three of those lives were children’s. 11-year-old Jack Baumler and 13-year-old neighbor Michael Robson were crushed by a 100-foot oak tree as they played in the family room of the Baumlers’ home last night in Westchester county, NY.

Although The Daily Mail claimed the boys were playing outside, a local paper The Journal News made it clear the children were inside when the tragedy struck. Given how this storm has played out and how many trees came down near or on homes, the magnitude of the accident is definitely unsurprising, but that doesn’t make it any less devastating ...


Baumler’s uncle, Daniel Seymour, spoke with The Journal News about the family’s heartbreaking loss, offering this statement: “Heaven got two all-stars too soon. Our faith will comfort us. North Salem has a huge heart, and this community will wrap its arms around this family. We’re asking for prayers and privacy.”

So, so horrible. And in a similar tragedy, in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, police say an 8-year-old boy was killed by tree limb. He had been with his father outside when a strong gust of wind caused the limb to break and fall. What a nightmare.

There have also been numerous reports of injuries, like that of an infant who was slight injured when a tree fell on a house in Delaware county. Surely, we aren’t going to hear even half of the terrible events that have unfolded in the last 24 hours until the dust from the storm settles. Until then, knowing at least three innocent children’s lives have been lost as a result of the storm is nothing short of incredibly heartbreaking and sobering.


Image via WalkingTree/Flickr

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