Woman uses 'Single Mom' Excuse for Terrible Tip, But Is It Just a Bad Joke?

single mom tip receipt“Sorry, I’m a single mom …” Ah, the single mom card. I’ve started using it myself recently, and I get it. Many aspects of life really do get harder when you become a single parent. But when I saw the restaurant bill a Redditor posted recently, I actually started to resent that excuse. The bill comes to $138.35. And by the “Tip” blank? “Single mom, sorry. Thank you it was great!”

For real?


First came the flood of righteous indignation. You can afford to spend $140 to eat out but you can’t afford to tip? Why aren’t you eating at home instead? What if your server was also a single mom? Who does this? Has she no shame? In what other flaky ways is she using that excuse? “Sorry, can’t buy myself and my kids shoes so I just bought myself these Louboutins — single mom!” This woman gives all single moms a bad name, and she needs to clean up her act before the responsible single moms brigade comes after her.

But once I got that obvious reaction out of my system, I started to have doubts. Was this receipt even real, or was it just a troll baiting fake? It wouldn’t be the first time a scandalous tip posted on Reddit turned out to be a hoax. I would think of all people, a single mom would be more sympathetic to waitstaff. The only detail that makes me think the receipt is legit is that note on the bottom: “Thanks, it was great!” It’s so like a mom to make sure the server still thought they did a good job. But still. I just don’t want to believe a single mom would do this. We’re a little wiser than that, aren’t we?

I’m not the only one who suspects it’s a hoax. Lindsay Cross of Mommyish refuses to believe a single mom really left that tip. She says, “Honestly, the more I think about how anyone would do this to a waitress, the more I think it’s likely that this was just a very awful prank to make single moms look bad.” Thank you! Yes — it could just be a cruel prank. It could have been some other jerk who didn’t want to tip and decided to blame single moms because, why not? Single moms are total screw-ups anyway, right?

Right. Because a lot of single moms do everything Fred Astaire does only backwards and also without Fred Astaire. But whatever. The big-picture perspective here is that this receipt teaches us nothing we didn’t already know and it changes no minds whatsoever. The minority of people who think tipping is unnecessary will continue thinking so. Most of us who think tipping fairly is the civilized thing to do will continue tipping. People who love hating on single moms will keep hating. Everyone gets a turn on their soap box. Is this really the best use of a restaurant dinner bill? I’d rather just tip, digest, and move on.

Do you think this restaurant bill is real or a hoax?

Image via PhoenixSongFawkes/imgur

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