Track Hurricane Sandy With Amazing Google Crisis Map Tool

google crisis mapTo be perfectly honest, I'm not great with maps (they make me get all confused and my eyes sort of glaze over). But Google's Crisis Map is a different sort of map altogether, and more user-friendly than most. It adds super-specific, up-to-the-minute Hurricane Sandy information to the usual Google Maps platform, so you can type in your location and get everything from a three-day forecast to active emergency shelters to traffic conditions.

Which could potentially make weathering this storm a LOT easier, particularly in a pinch. Like, let's say you've got to make a last-minute evacuation. And you're stressing out big-time: Between packing up the essentials and trying to keep the kids calm and making sure the windows are shut, how are you supposed to figure out where the nearest shelter is or if the highway has been closed?


Think of it as one-stop shopping for storm data. And you know what's really cool? The Google Crisis map also includes "community-generated data" such as YouTube videos, so you're getting your info from a variety of sources.

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Of course, there are other online resources to help you survive the hurricane: At the National Weather Service's National Hurricane Center, you can find uber-detailed warnings for everything from 50-knot Wind Speed Probability to the Mariner's 1-2-3 Rule (not that I know what that is, but maybe you do).

So one way or another, you should be all set -- just make sure you keep your phone charged!

Where are you getting your Hurricane Sandy info?


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